Friday, May 25, 2007

chocolate cake

I haven't made a cake in I don't know how long, but despite my inexperience I thought making one from scratch would be infinitely better than from the box. I can be a purist like that.

Maybe it was the type of cake, maybe it was my oven, or maybe it was because my grocery store only offered whole wheat, organic pastry flour. Whatever it was, my cake was not moist nor begged you to forget about that nagging goal to eat healthy and have another piece. Not to say that it was all bad, but considering the effort and hopes that went into it, it is not a recipe I will try again.

I do have to say though, that I am grateful for learning to make ganache, which has always sounded so fancy to me but is really the most simple thing to make-- chocolate and heavy cream. Next time, I'll double the recipe so i have twice the rich, whipped, chocolate-y bite of heaven that is chocolate ganache. And for the cake, maybe just out of a box next time (but don't tell anyone!).


Dan said...

so is that the cake you made? looks good enough to me!

Thomas said...

Can I say "mmmm"?