Thursday, May 24, 2007

lunch in pike's market

Ahh...spring time, let me give you a big hug. Now I can enjoy the hour in the middle of the day I am permitted to leave the harsh glare of bad overhead lighting and my too-tall office chair whose arms bang the side of my desk every time I turn to answer my phone.

Sun! No rain! Pikes Place is calling my name. A lovely jaunt down the road, and I'm amidst a myriad of lunch options and produce galore. Today I opted for Mee Sum Pastry, a choice prompted by the line of enthusiastic patrons and a quick consult on yelp mobile. Equipped with just my blackberry, these camera phone pictures will have to do!
This place offers no-frills customer service, so the long line moved fast. From the online reviews, I couldn't pass up the recommended steamed bbq pork humbow and freshly made potstickers.

What is a humbow? I have no idea. Some Americanization of something or other I imagine, who knows? But what I do know, is I already want another one! Sort of like a "steamed bun" found in asian grocers, the flavor reminded me of my favorite Scandinavian treat, the kolache. Like a traditional kolache, the humbow's bread was slightly sweet and encased a savory meat filling. This one was tender shredded pork in a tangy, subtly spicy bbq sauce. Though I had my humbow steamed, they also offer them baked, which I imagine would resemble a kolache even more closely.

Best thing of all? This fast, delicious, and decidingly "different" lunch cost me a mere 4 dollars. Bad, eerie photo of seemingly glowing meal not included. (the blackberry camera is not very good!)

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Last_word said...

Hey Ashley,

Kristin told me about your blog. Very professional looking. The food looks yummy! When did you get to be such a good cook? Of runs in the family.

Keep in touch. Love, Aunt Kathleen