Tuesday, August 14, 2007

happenings: time is flying

All my days are starting to fall into one another. Before I know it, Tuesday is Friday and Friday is Monday again. In the hustle, my writing has taken a backseat (in good company with my sleep, which is also on vacation) and even now, I only have a few minutes to quickly catch you up on what it is exactly I've been doing for the last week.

Last Monday (August 6th!)
I went to El Corazon to see the English band, 65 Days of Static. Instrumental, loud, and probably the first time I have truly felt old--the place was packed with misunderstood, skinny jean-clad teenagers. Good, though.

I rushed home from work to sew the all-day tote from Lotta Jansdotter's book. It took me all night (I even forgot to eat dinner--me, forget dinner?!?), but it was moreover a success. The photo of the finished project is still on my camera, but I'll post it soon.

Met a friend to go to Ignite. Being in the company of smart, entrepreneur-minded people is always inspirational, and this night was no different. I left bursting with ideas. Beforehand, I ran into a couple lady friends from Yelp, then I finished the night with too many whiskeys.

Left work a little early to go with T to see G Love at Marymoor Park. It was seriously a blast. The weather was gorgeous, and we had some additional entertainment when our friend Jon met up with us. We got a little giggly on wine and by the end of the night we were shaking our booty's a little bit (only after the sun set!).

Went to the Seattle Art Museum to see the documentary Finding Kraftland. You know the rich guy who collects an insane amount of Disney paraphernalia and the like? Yeah, that guy. He was there, actually, and confirmed for me that not only does he just seem full of himself in the movie (he made about himself...), but he's really that way in person! Wow! Imagine that.

It was interesting, though, to be surrounded by Seattle's most enthusiastic collectors, one of which was donning bright purple spandex shorts and a cropped, sleeveless shirt. Did I mention they're a fashionable group of people?

I got up early to bus it to my second acupuncture appointment. It is really working! I was skeptical, but I know my Dad isn't a liar (acupuncture worked for him) so I shouldn't be all that surprised it is making my knee feel a million times better. They also put these weird spike/stud things in the top of my ear this time, which I ended up taking out early because they were painful. The needles don't bother me, though. Looking forward to my next appointment!

Met a friend for coffee to work on computer stuff. We didn't even talk or anything, but at least if you have someone to go with you can leave your computer to take bathroom breaks! Made a little progress on my project and figured out some new-to-me functionality in iPhoto.

Monday, again already!
Convinced myself that I need to spend some time at home to clean my apartment and catch up on laundry, but not before I go walking at Greenlake first! Finished the walk with a Crystal Lite Slurpee and found out people find my love for the brain freeze inducing treat funny because it's "so 80's." Whatever, they are delicious! I didn't realize that all this time I was being old school!

Tonight I'm meeting up with some gals from Yelp to go to a Poetry Slam at Trost Lounge in Fremont. I am excited! Because you know...I haven't gone out in a while!!

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