Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Finished: Butterick B5100

Butterick B5100 wasn't an item I was particularly excited about sewing, but I was lured by the pattern's choice of words, specifically "express" and "one hour." Granted, it took me much longer than an hour, but as with most projects, looking back I see how it could have been so much faster!

I made view B, and the only change I made from the instructions was a shorter hemline. I also made the belt, but I don't really like it and probably won't wear it. The tunic/dress is obviously very plain and sensible, but I think it will be a good layering piece for work, maybe over a long-sleeved shirt, with tights, boots, and a long-belted sweater.

What slowed me down?
1) Cutting knit. Woe is me when it comes to cutting fabric, but it is just plain not my favorite thing to do. And to think, I thought it was ironing I hated this whole time!

2) Seam binding. I was told this wasn't necessary with knits, yet the pattern called for it. Explicit instructions, paired with my vast inexperience with sewing anything, persuaded me to hunker down and figure it out (note: this occupied a lot of thought Saturday. Really sad.) Between this page and this book, I managed to "finish" my seams, though I have no idea if it's the right way.

What did I learn?
1) How to understitch. I learned that even if a pattern doesn't call for understitching, to always do it anyway. What is it? After sewing on the facing, you are of course left with the seam allowance. Trim the seam, then sew the trimmed/leftover seam allowance to the facing (not the garment!). The stitches aren't going to show, but it holds the seam allowance to the facing, so when you flip the facing to the inside of the garment, you are left with a professional, "neat," and bulk-free seam.

What's my next project?
Sewing cushions and/or pillows for the back of my couch. The cushions that came with the couch are too lumpy to be comfortable, plus I'm excited to use a bold green and white print to liven up my beige and off-white living room.


Kelly said...

Good for you!!! I can't wait to see it! :-)

Just Between You and Me said...

Your dress looks very professional! I want to see what it looks like on you! So, you're really ready to start your couch cushions???? You go girl!!!