Thursday, November 15, 2007

Container Envy

I've noticed a theme happening in a lot of images I bookmark: containers! Not perfectly matched canister sets or rows of minimalistic glass jars, but old, unmatched and gently used containers with some (new) lab glass thrown in to shake things up.

First there was the image of the lab glass used as a water pitcher and glass at Port2Port Press studio featured on the Blueprint blog, Bluelines.

Then, sfgirlbybay gives us a peek inside her bathroom to see her impressive collection of vintage jars that she uses to house cotton swabs and other bathroom toiletries. She uses lab glass too--look at the image from her medicine cabinet! Is it weird to be jealous of someone's bathroom storage? I love that piece of coral displayed on the shelf too.

And finally, containers in the kitchen from AT:SF. I love the tray of mismatched items, both old and new. I also learned what a salt pig is (common in European kitchens to house coarse grained salt so it doesn't clump). I'm not convinced I would need one (counter space is at a premium!), though I think the name is the cutest.

I can't find an image, but all of these remind me of a picture I saw a while back that used old tea tins (pretty, vintage-looking floral ones) to store bathroom necessities like cotton balls and makeup brushes. So pretty!

So all this talk, but no walk--my makeup right now is in a freezer-sized Ziploc. Oh the shame...and the perfect excuse to go shopping for some pretty little containers.


Dan said...

what's your address or would B be upset if someone got you a gift?

Darlin' T said...

B might now be upset, but T would be! Come on, man. Dial it down a notch.