Monday, November 19, 2007


So excited I get to see a sneak preview of the movie Juno tonight!! Darlin' T got the RSVP, and because she's the best friend ever, is taking me with her!!! Can anyone tell I am excited yet? There are supposed to be surprise guests too. If I never blog again, you know it's because one of the surprise guests was either Michael Cera or Jason Bateman. Please be sure they recover my body from Pacific Place Theater in downtown Seattle. I.Will.Absolutely.Die. LOVE those guys. Any other Arrested Development fanatics out there? (T, you can put your hand down.) :)

*Update* Ok, ok....T just told me she thinks the invite just meant that the "special guests" there are going to be the writer and the director. Boo!

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Wordtastic said...

Speaking of movies, I just watched The Family Stone. It kind of reminded me of one of K's favorite movies - The Ref. This one, too, is centered around Christmas and lets you peek into a family's home and see all their "issues" which seem to really come out when families get together for a holiday. As usual, most of the problems are the mom's fault! :(