Tuesday, November 13, 2007

On Time

I've been shopping for a kitchen timer for what seems like a long time, at least for something as utilitarian and minor, but I wanted *just* the right one. The right one, pictured to the left, essentially fell into my lap thanks to a post on AT:NY this week.

I was hoping to get it in robin egg blue, but the downtown Seattle Anthro only had it in chrome/red. I adore the vintage, minimal look, the magnetic back and the price tag--$12.

While there, because no proper visit to Anthropologie is complete without a visit to the sales racks, I perused quickly and nabbed the "Sweetheart Cardi" I've been lusting after since I saw it in the fall catalog. The website only had it pictured in camel, though I bought it in black. It is just the right fit with the little details one comes to expect from Anthro. I will get so much use out of it!

A lunch hour well spent.

Images c/o Anthropologie

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Jamie said...

What lovely purchases. It is so awesome when you get something just right.