Wednesday, December 12, 2007

happenings: sick edition

I feel dreadful. Despite my obnoxious hand washing and sick-people-eschewing, I have caught it. All plans for merrymaking this week are thus postponed. Until then I am keeping busy with the following:

sewing: several Christmas gifts. As much as I want to show you pictures (they're adorable!), even more so, I don't want to spoil anyone's surprise. I'll be sure to upload pictures post-holiday.

cooking: nada. All cooking has been sidelined until I feel better. I guess not having an appetite is figure-friendly, though I am drinking my weight in hot tea.

drinking: airborne, even though I'm skeptical of its effectiveness. In season's past I've always had to choke it down, but the new pink grapefruit flavor is surprisingly enjoyable!

drinking, part 2: basil haydens. I'm quite sure drinking whiskey on the rocks is not advised when one's loaded with cold medicine and suffering from little sleep, but eh...

putting on hold: netflix. After not using my subscription for at least a month, I finally put my account on hold. Why can't I find any movies to interest me? I'm not hard to please, but perhaps I am just feeling uninspired by film right now.

reading: Good Calories, Bad Calories (still), Your Best Year Yet, and Reporting Technical Information.

disenchanted: with Food Network's "Holi-Dazzle." If I see Paula Deen and the Dinner Impossible chef kiss one more time, I might throw up.

learning: how to curl my hair. A potential chop of my hair at the salon yesterday morphed into a trim with a hair lesson. Of course the stylist made it look easy, but how does one really create curls in the back of their head? I'll let you know how it goes. I'm dreadfully inept at styling hair. Must add curling iron and clips to my shopping list.

texas countdown: nine days. The dog I grew up with, Cassie, seems to have had a stroke and is not improving. I really hope she can make it at least through Christmas.

We don't dress up our dogs on a regular basis, but the hoodie from my old Pound Puppy fit her just right! Pound Puppies...remember those?


Darlin' T said...

get better soon! and I am crossing my fingers for Cassie.

Kristin said...

I didn't know about cassie until I just read breaks my heart...I LOVE that dog...keep me posted! I'm praying she will recover and be with you all as long as dog years will let her! Love you cuz! Happy Holidays! I'm leaving Texas the same day you are arriving! BOO! Have a safe trip!

Angela said...

Poor Cassie--I hope she gets better!

Also, I've just recently figured out how to curl my hair, but what I can't figure out is how to get the curls to STAY!