Tuesday, January 22, 2008

TV Stand

I feel like I had a productive, long weekend. Case in point? I finally got my cable box and DVD player off of the ground, which is quite the accomplishment when you consider it's been there FOR. A. YEAR.

I spent a good chunk of Saturday going from store to store, not happy with any of the huge media consoles and tables that were of crappy quality but still cost $200+. By the time it got to Saturday evening, I was thinking I'd just give up, but Sunday morning I realized that I had one last option--Cost Plus World Market. A-ha! And what do you know, I get there, find a simple, no-frills table, and it was on sale, no less!

My temporary solution put together when I first bought this TV a year ago. It's a storage basket with a flat tray on the top to keep the top from sinking. My modest DVD collection is kept in wire baskets, courtesy of a Method Products package from Target purchased about two years ago. Modem, router, DVD player, and cable box....on the floor. Fancy.

Off of the floor! No basket! DVDs hidden in a drawer! This is called the "Chase Nightstand" from Cost Plus and only cost $80 on sale. I'm not smitten with the handle on the drawer, but that is easily changed. The wires in the back could use a little straightening, but other than that it is the perfect, simple table I was wishing for.

I think I have caught the decorating bug, because I also bought a huge rug this weekend online for my living room. Heck, at this rate, I might even hang some pictures this year! (Yes, a year in this apartment and not a single thing hanging on the walls.) To be continued!

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