Monday, July 23, 2007

rainiest july 21st in 20 years

...or something like that. Yeah, I don't really love weather statistics either, but the point is: it was a rainy, and I mean rainy, weekend. With squashed dreams of a lazy stroll through the market to buy myself flowers, I instead used the weather as an excuse to get nice and close to my brand-spanking new sewing machine.

No, I'm still not good at seams (pretty critical for making anything, I know!) but hey...I made something! Whilst practicing with some cheap muslin fabric and dark thread so I can see what I'm doing, I managed to make a temporary storage solution for my sewing table. Not that bad, right? It holds my scissors perfectly!

Ok, you can stop scoffing now!

But really, I'm having a blast teaching myself how to use this dream of a machine, and I can't wait to make lots of pretty little things. Until then, I think I still have a couple yards of muslin to tear through...

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Thomas said...

Always happy to see a fellow Seattle blog.