Wednesday, July 18, 2007

happenings: lots of little things

new to wear:
I got new shoes! I've had an unwavering passion for the mustard yellow/gold color that's become trendy lately, and oddly enough (or maybe not oddly enough because you're more hip than me), they go with just about everything! I got a good deal on this pair via the Shoefly (my favorite shoe store ever!) newsletter. Even if you're not in Seattle, they ship! Check them out.

unhappy, then happy customer:
My sewing machine arrived last week, broken pedal and all, which led me to discover that Amazon has remarkable customer service. If you have an account and are signed in, you can select "express customer service," click a button that relays to them when you want them to call (yes, you read that right. they call you--yes, it's a customer service breakthrough!). The impatient unhappy customer I was, I chose "right now." Would you believe it, my telephone rang immediately!

Ok boring anecdote is getting too long...end of story, they sent me a return label and my new machine is slated to arrive today. Problem solved! Now I just have to worry about how to learn to use the darn thing!

Thank goodness for videos like this: Pulling the bobbin thread up out of the bobbin well.

around the house:
I finally bought flowers for my front porch. Charming, no? Red Hot Sally's (I like to think they're referring to my grandma!) in the lower pot, Snow Crystals in the top.

My sister introduced me to SeeqPod, which I like because it doesn't crash (Pandora, I'm looking at you) and requires nothing to download. Most music I searched for was in the database (including Mocean Worker, yay!), and my sis and I can share playlists.

going out:
I've been going out the last week a lot more than I've been cooking! Still love the grape, prosciutto, rosemary, and ricotta pizza at High Life. Was great to enjoy with my friend T and a couple glasses of happy hour-priced wine!

Went to my favorite Indian restaurant, only to get in a fight with my friend because the chicken dishes had light and dark meat. Whoa there...not that big of a deal, but I digress! All was ok though, because I still enjoyed it! Plus, they're naan is to die for.

Had a lovely late brunch with my friend T (you'll read about her a lot, she's the best!) at the Mexican restaurant, Senor Moose Cafe in Ballard. I was delighted to find that places other than taco trucks serve sopes, those wonderfully thick masa harina patties with savory (usually) toppings. This particular breakfast served them topped with over-easy eggs, black beans, salsa verde, sour cream, and crumbled cojita cheese. Sure beats breakfast of typical diner fare!


Darlin' T said...

Love your shoes and that you call your grandmother Red Hot Sally!

Wordtastic said...

I actually LIKE those shoes!!! That is a really cool photo! I think your tutu would like that name!!

Operation Til It Ends said...

Your photographs are really amazing, Ashley. Love seeing them.