Friday, July 13, 2007

keeping notes

Last week I attended a performance entitled "Salon of Shame." The concept is cheeky, but like trashy reality tv shows, it's irresistibly funny and possibly addicting.

Picture this: Dark basement, small stage, single microphone, sold out seats, lots of booze, a sign language interpretor, and last time, on that particular hot Seattle evening, sweltering temperatures and too many sticky bodies.

Daring individuals volunteer to read personal diary entries from their younger days. Though I was expecting timid readings of embarrassing former thoughts, the readers were animated, entertaining, and looked like they had done this or something like it before (ok, ok, I'll say it...they seemed to be "theater people." *gasp!*). "Theater people" or not, the readings were refreshing and transported just about everyone back to middle school, evident by the heavy laughter and knowing smiles.

Though the performance was light in nature and more entertaining rather than introspective and thoughtful, it did get me thinking how it'd be nice to be more dutiful in recording my own day-to-day happenings, or not-happenings, as they may be. Anyone who knows me can tell you I have the most awful memory. Though it served me well in school and currently in work, it is useless when it comes to remembering anything from childhood, vacations, relationships...basically everything important. Yes, that makes me sad too.

So, with a little hesitation, I'm going to try to be more dutiful in blogging to keep some record of my life, thoughts, projects, and in general, things I care about. If not just for my failed memory, then for your entertainment or possibly nagging curiosity of what I could possibly be up to.

Thanks for caring!

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yelahneb said...

hi ashley - thanks for coming to the Salon! there are indeed a few theater types in the mix. me, i was in marching band and played D&D...