Friday, July 13, 2007

loaded caprese sandwich

This sandwich is so good, I made it three times over the course of last weekend as well as shared it with two different friends. One of my best girlfriends invited me to an outdoor concert, and since she typically doesn't eat meat, I was trying to think of simple, vegetarian foods for our picnic dinner that wouldn't leave me feeling meat-deprived. Caprese salad is a staple for me, and though a caprese salad sandwich is nothing unique, I did add several ingredients to make it my own.

On crusty french bread I stacked the fresh mozzarella, lots of fresh basil, thick and juicy tomato slices, roasted red bell peppers, and a mound of caramelized red onions (something I tend to add to nearly everything I make these days). I also added some sliced grilled chicken breast (to mine), and one of the (three!) times I had it, I also included slices of fresh avocado. Yum.

Perfect, light summer meal that I was able to enjoy while making joyful memories. I was with my best friend at the outdoor concert, giddy and silly from drinking vodka, laughing at the people around us, and simply enjoying laying on a lawn listening to live music and sharing good food and conversation.

My favorite thing about cooking...or even putting together a sharing it with people I care about. Life doesn't get any better!

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