Monday, October 1, 2007

I'm sewing a shirt

...and I'm stuck! Apparently, learning to sew from books and blogs isn't quite the cake walk I had hoped it was. I am sewing view B from Simplicity 3751, a gathered, belted blouse with a scoop neckband, which has turned out to be quite literally a pain in the neck.

Let me explain: I simply cannot figure out how to attach the darn thing! What's frustrating, is that I know it has to be so simple. I sewed the bodice, attached the sleeves, did the gathering...all without a hitch. I'm so close to being finished but cannot!

So, in the meantime my mom's inbox is full of scanned pattern directions and pictures of my shirt, as pictured above. I still want to complete something, however, so I am working on an easier project, a knit-tunic-sort-of-dress-thing (Butterick 5100, view B). I have my pieces ready to cut, so after I run to the store to buy matching thread, I hope I can get this project finished by next Monday.

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