Saturday, November 10, 2007

Frozen Margaritas

I've had a hormonal stressful and frustrating day today, which naturally got me thinking about margaritas. What bad mood can't be improved with lots of tequila and lime?

My parents would perhaps be embarrassed, but I'm going to say that margaritas could be considered to be a staple in their house. My dad's been blending up frozen margaritas several nights a week for as long as I can remember, often making multiple pitchers in one night for our small family (I am not complaining!).

Our classic family favorite is a simple frozen margarita that uses frozen limeade. When shopping for limeade, try to get a premium (e.g. Minute Maid) brand if you can--they say it does make a difference. On the other hand, as with all margaritas, premium tequila is not at all necessary, so don't waste your money.

Once you have a limeade margarita, you will never want to use a bottled margarita mix again!

Frozen Margaritas

Pour into a blender:
1 8oz can frozen limeade (not frozen margarita mix)
8 oz tequila (can use the empty limeade can to measure)
4 oz triple sec (or a half limeade can)

Fill blender to top with ice and blend until smooth. Easy, right?!? My own addition to my parent's recipe? A floater of tequila (here's where it pays to use the premium stuff!).

So here's a virtual cheers to banishing bad moods and spending time with family and friends!


Dan said...

wait ... 8 oz + 4 oz of tequila? Why not just 12 oz?

ashley anne said...

I'm an idiot--thanks for the correction Dan! That's what I get for going too fast. What's a margarita without Triple Sec--that's what I meant to put for the 4 oz! Thanks!