Friday, November 9, 2007

happenings: NaBloPoMo week one

Have made it through the first week of NaBloPoMo--whew! It's been a great exercise for me and makes me wonder why I never posted more in the past. Even though you've been hearing a lot more from me (more thus far in November than any other month!!), I still have lots of little things going on:

cooking: I've been eating luxuriously and have had filet mignon THREE times this week--once at Daniel's Broiler and two times at home. I've discovered the best cuts, albeit expensive, at this butcher shop at the top of Queen Anne hill. Last night with the steak I tried this spinach and cheese puff recipe from Everyday Food. It was terrible! For all of the good ingredients that went in it, it tasted like plain spinach. Oh well, at least the steak is always good!

week's highlights: Front row and center balcony seats at the Paramount to see Jim Gaffigan. I laughed through the entire show as I'm simple--bacon jokes do it for me. Later in the week I went to see Feist, also at the Paramount. Love her voice--even better in person.

looking forward to: Bob Schneider, a legendary Austin favorite, is in Seattle this weekend!!! I cannot put enough exclamation points to tell you how excited I am to see him and hang out with a bunch of fellow Texans at Tractor Tavern in Ballard.

shopping for: A pocket camera. This blog and my flickr have been incredibly bare of photos because I have been lazy about taking my DSLR around with me. Hoping to get one tonight or tomorrow morning so I can get some pictures of Bob! I'm also shopping for a new pan. I've been to Crate and Barrel and Williams-Sonoma twice but just can't decide what style to go with. Maybe I should just forget about getting something nice and scour the aisles of Ross and TJMaxx for a deal. Hmph.

reading: Still reading The United States of Arugula and a few books on REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy). No, I don't have "issues," just enjoy learning about the mind and why we feel the way we do, as well as how it can be different if we want it to be. Might write about it sometime if it wouldn't bore everyone.

working on: Nothing! I have been sleeping so much this week and/or going out, so I need to get on the ball this weekend and work on something creative. I am ready to cut the pieces for my shirt, and I have some picture framing projects I need to finish.


Dan said...

the more you blog about what you do, the less significant i feel

Angela said...

I started listening to Feist after that iPod commercial that she was on came on tv 30 times a night. She really does have a gorgeous voice.

And now I'm hungry for some steak!