Wednesday, November 28, 2007

happenings: wrapping up the month!

Though I have been watching entirely too much television, I have had some other things going on:

Reading: Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes. This book has been at the forefront of too many news stories and online articles to ignore any longer. It's science-heavy, but it's a good follow-up to the history and fact-heavy book, United States of Arugula, I recently finished.

Ecstatic about: My sister, Kelly, gave me a generous gift certificate to for my birthday. I cannot wait to splurge on fabric!

Loving: Amazon Prime. I finally squandered the $79 to qualify for 2-day shipping for a year. I am such an Amazon junkie. If a hacker got a hold of my Amazon and Google info, they would essentially know everything about me. *shudder*

Leaf-turning: I am starting a certificate program in January as the initial step towards a new career path. More on this later, but I am very excited!

Counting down: 23 days until I go home to Texas! This year is unusual as I get a full 11.5 days in my home state. My favorite thing about being at home are the long mornings where we sit in the formal living room (no tv) in our pajamas and sip several cups of coffee and talk, each with a little 3-pound dog in our lap. What's even better is that either my mom or my dad bring us cup after cup (doctored up to our specifications), so we don't even have to get off the couch! So spoiled, but I adore it. On top of all this? Several days of this year's trip will be in Rockport, TX, where my grandparents live and have graciously arranged to have the whole gang there for several days of fun. Really can't wait.

Trying out: Coconut oil. If you haven't heard all the hype about this so-called "miracle food," please come out of the rock you've been hiding under. :) I'm currently using Organic Virgin Coconut Oil by Spectrum brand, which I bought at a local gourmet/upscale market. I was skeptical of the lofty lists of benefits of coconut oil, but I cannot ignore that my skin has improved drastically, and it's only been a week. Take that, you moisture-sucking heaters!

Celebrating: I turn 24 this Friday. Turning 24 isn't particularly any more exciting than turning 23 was, but 23 was such an awful year for me. The new number makes me feel like I'm getting a "new me" this Friday. Now that's something to look forward to.


Just Between You and Me said...

no one could be happier about you coming back to texas for christmas than all your family! it is always a pleasure for us to spoil you when you're home since we miss the opportunity most of the year! we love you, admire all the great things you achieve and are just so darn proud of you! here's to a most blessed and happy 24th year to an incredibly special person!

Dan said...

yay. finally it won't feel like i'm robbing the cradle....

Darlin' T said...

dan, seriously. stop. robbing the cradle implies some kind of relationship other than internet stalker.

Angela said...

Oh, 23 was the WORST year for me too--here's hoping your 24 is as awesome as mine has been!!

Also, I'm totally curious about coconut oil now.