Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Do one thing

I've been trying to follow the advice recently, "do one thing." I used to think it was desirable to be a killer multi-tasker, though now I am finding quite the opposite is true. "Do one thing" can be applied in a couple of ways, whether it's to do one task at a time, complete one specific task in a certain day or focus on one specific goal at a time.

At work I have found it's made me more productive since I'm not trying to juggle several things at once, and personally, focusing on one goal (my health) has enabled me to make considerable improvements and changes without feeling overwhelmed by too many things to do.

The bad? This blog has obviously been lacking in content, and I haven't been getting through sewing projects as quickly either. As I'm focusing one one, some other priorities have been put on the back burner.

The good? Once I finish my "one thing," I know I can move on to the next "thing" and accomplish it 100%.

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