Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Issey Miyake Perfume

I adore gifts for no reason, so receiving a towering bottle of Issey Miyake's perfume yesterday, "just because," made it smell all the more sweet. I haven't had new perfume in ages--past fragrances go back several years, including Todd Oldham, Curve, and Chanel Chance. Well, move on over, you empty lurking bottles cluttering up my pretty bathroom shelf, because Issey Miyake is here to stay.

Sephora describes the fragrance's note's as a "pure floral with musky and woody tones," and though I am not a floral kind of girl, it smells divine to me. It's bold and feminine without being overpowering and is overall a "clean" scent. It may be floral, but this is not your grandmother's perfume ( as in no one will question if you have a rotting bouquet of flowers stashed in your purse).

I am usually not one to dote publicly on personal products I love, though after the makeup post and this one, you might be thinking that next I'm going to start telling you my favorite bathing products! Well, since I mentioned it...if you haven't used Origin's Salt Rub, go do your legs a favor and buy some pronto. It banishes winter-blah skin and leaves your skin feeling softer than you'd think possible. Since I love the smell of the Salt Rub so much, it's no wonder that I enjoy Origin's Salt Suds body wash as well. Looking for a luxurious soak? I can't get enough of the Avobath from Lush. Love their bath melts as well. With all these indulgences, I should just name November National Pamper Yourself Month. I hope you're spoiling yourself as well!


Kristin said...

I bought this perfume back in 2002 and still LOVE it!! I actually just finished the bottle...less is more when it comes to perfume in my opinion...Glad you found this one...its definitely a keeper. Hope you are doing well!

Kelly said...

My favorite beauty product this season is Excedrin Back and Body- keeps an old lady standing up straight!