Thursday, December 20, 2007

Quiet and Anticipation

It's been really quiet over here at Life Tonic, with the only noises of my days being the hum of my laptop at work or my sewing machine at home. Busy, busy, busy. Go, go, go. But of course, what's really on my mind is my family. I cannot wait to get home! Midnight tomorrow I will be touching down in Texas, and after an hour's ride home from the airport, this is who will be waiting for me:
That's Aiden, a black pomeranian I got when I was in college but had to leave behind with my parents. He has the kind of personality and smile (pomeranians smile!) that can't help but cheer you up, and I will be needing it since Cassie is not doing any better. Aiden is also my date for new years, and I expect the kiss to be grand! ;)

Safe travels, everyone!

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modernradar said...

I wish I had a pomeranian to go home to for the holidays! So jealous. Something about an animal that is THAT fluffy and excited about everything just cracks me up. Have a great trip!