Wednesday, January 30, 2008

At least I paid for my crochet hook.

My first crochet class was last night, and looking at the image above I don't have to tell you that I stink at it. While everyone else rhythmically stitched their chains and proceeded to single crochet, my yarn was tangled in my clumsy hands as I tried to figure out a slip knot. It was that bad.

It didn't help that the fellow students can I put this delicately...rough. I saw one of the girls discreetly swipe a crochet hook into her bag! There were several 30-something bartenders that all had their hair completely bleached out or dyed a saturated black. Tattoos littered their arms (and probably everywhere else), and they were kind of mean! Maybe I was asking for it considering I was wearing one of those silky, secretary style blouses in the land of ripped t-shirts and black leather, but it was a crochet class!

I'm going to make myself return to class next week, but I honestly am not looking forward to it!


Angela said...

Aw, I hope it goes better next week! I suck at learning new things. I always expect myself to be a total genius from the get-go and it rarely turns out that way!

klosekraft said...

I'm sorry, I can easily imagine how uncomfortable that was, but something about the image you've painted here struck me as pretty funny.

What you have there looks good!

Fake tattoos next week?