Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Personalized Woven Labels

I love these personalized labels from Charm Woven Labels, an early Valentine's present from Mom! She said she did a lot of looking around, and this company's offerings appeared to be the best. I've never had labels before, but these feel durable, look professional, and most of all they are pretty! I can't wait to sew these into some projects.

Part II, to be opened on February 14th!


Angela said...

Aw, my mom still sends me Valentine's Day presents too!! They're so cute :)

Those labels are great, they make me want to become a fashion designer, ha!

Dwayne said...

A woven label is a delightful present. It's exclusive and very personal. You're mom is really thoughtful to have given you that as a gift. =)

Granville Lochrico