Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cleaning out the closet

...and here is the proof! In the corner of my bedroom is a growing pile of clothes that I'll be donating to Goodwill. I usually just dump the things off without doing anything with that little receipt they give you, but this year I looked up how to value your donated goods and so far I'm up to the conservative amount of $284.

Sites that give you parameters about how to value your used clothing and housewares abound, but I used this one and this one.

I didn't really make a resolution to get organized, but if I did, I'd be well on my way! Now to tackle the piles of fabric and sewing notions taking over my living room...


Angela said...

I have a huge pile that I have to go through and list as well--it's a pain, but I tell myself it'll be worth it at tax time! (Which is right around the corner... wow.)

Kelly said...

hmmm...might only make a difference on your taxes if you itemize more than your standard deductions...just sayen' :-)