Friday, January 11, 2008


studying: technical writing. I started working on my certificate this week, and I'm so excited to be back in a classroom again. Current reading list: Reporting Technical Information and The Chicago Manual of Style.

signing up for: crochet class. I want to crochet a blanket!

crafting: loving ideas from The Left Bank Look found via decor8. I cannot wait to try the Polaroid transfers!

sewing: a shirt, view b from simplicity 3751, which I have made before in the tank version. This time I lengthened the shirt by 4 inches and am adding in the sleeves. Hope to finish this over the weekend.

also sewing: some patchwork potholders for my grandmother. I'm incorporating some embroidery work of my own design, just for fun and added interest. These are so much fun to make!

cooking: seekh kabab, my favorite Pakistani dish. I was introduced to seekh kabab back in college from one of my good friends and was lucky enough to have him teach me how to make it. Though it's not the most photogenic meal, you know I can't resist photographing and writing about food and cooking. Look for it next week!

new beauty find: Nivea eye makeup remover. Darlin' T and I were just talking about how we couldn't find a drugstore eye makeup remover we were happy with. Well, I spoke too soon, because this one is great!

photographing: I have started a monthly "photo challenge" with someone, and this month's goal is to capture movement. I've been busy all week but hope to get started on this over the weekend (if it will stop raining!).

watching: Starting this Sunday, Jane Austen movies will begin to show on PBS. I've seen the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice maybe 8 times, but I still can't wait to see it again!

listening: Challengers, by The New Pornographers. Since T gave me this CD to copy a few weeks ago, I have listened to it oh, maybe 50 times. Obsessed.

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Angela said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Jane Austen movies! I recorded Jane Eyre last weekend and was so sad to find that it was already showing the second half. Maybe I'll have better luck with this Jane!