Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mass Transit Flattery and Shoe Compliments*

I was sitting, waiting for the bus in the tunnel yesterday, when in no less than 90 seconds I had a strange man's jacket over my legs. Of course I protested (after all, I was wearing tights, wasn't cold, and umm...ew), but he insisted that he had "been thinking about it all day" and it was the "least he could do" in light of the sinking temperature.

Avoiding eye contact and thinking about all the potential germs on the fleece that adorned my legs, I thought over my outfit and decided I was surprised that such a demure ensemble would garner a man's attention. I had a client appointment in the morning, so I traded my typical jeans and blouse work attire for an army green sheath dress that although figure-hugging, was hidden with a sweetheart cut black cardigan, further covered with a bulky North Face jacket. Pair all of that coverage with opaque black tights, and I wasn't even showing a square inch of skin! Hot.

My self assessment was cut short because luckily the bus arrived within two minutes, saving him from his feeble attempts at making conversation with me. Comments ranged from "I like your shoes." to "That's a nice dress." He was very interesting, obviously.

Upon sitting down for the ride to the Eastside I feigned complete interest in my cell phone, which failed miserably as he continued to talk to me though I barely murmured "mmhmms" in response. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating. I found out he is a brick layer (he specified "big bricks" because "old men lay small bricks"), and I did manage to answer questions about what I do for fun. I replied "sewing, blogging, cooking." You know...all the things that completely turn off a man. I was wrong about one of those. The blogging spurred a brief spark of interest.

Brick Layer: "Oh! Is it a LiveJournal?!?!?!? Where you write all your secrets about crazy things you do when you go out?!?!?!?!" His eyes were opened wide with intent interest and enthusiasm.

Me: "No." I probably scowled, but I can't be sure.

He appeared sorely disappointed and didn't talk for several more minutes, that is until he saw a Denny's and went on and on about how he used to hang out there all the time. I didn't respond.

Predictably uninterested and unimpressed, I made my exit and went to class.

*I got several compliments on these shoes yesterday. Yay for cheap Nine West shoes from at least four seasons ago.


Dan said...

You could have always texted me to give you a call. I could always be your safety.

Just Between You and Me said...

Bus riders and bricklayers don't want to be your friend. :)