Friday, January 25, 2008


dying to try: Banya 5. I've never been to a Russian-style spa and furthermore didn't even realize they existed! Last week I tried the accompanying vodka bar, Venik Lounge, and am subsequently hooked on the Russian experience. Now for someone to go with....(T, I'm looking at you!)

cooking: I'm embarrassed to say, but dinners this week have consisted of fried eggs and sugar-free strawberry jello. I hope you're impressed. This weekend I'm thinking of cooking one of the two ducks I've had in my freezer since Thanksgiving, so wish me luck! I'm not sure if I even like duck, much less know how to cook one, but with a grim weekend forecast I'll need something to keep me occupied while I'm hiding out indoors. Well, either that or I'm going to starve because I am out of eggs and jello (btw I don't even really like jello).

contemplating: Chopping my hair off and dying it dark brown, but I've received mixed reactions so am thinking twice about it. I would just love to cut my drying time in half!

exercising: I have been doing it. I almost don't believe it either, but I have worked out a whole three times this week so far! Current motivations are a snowboarding weekend next month that will be sure to kick my ass as well as a potential week in Hawaii. I am definitely fearing the bikini right now.

trying: Joe's Goals. I'm tying it in with the goal planning book I read, and so far it is working rather well. Kind of proud of how I am putting the pieces together, so maybe I'll post about it soon.

learning: Programming. That's the plan, anyway. Next month I begin a class in C#, but in the meantime a friend has suggested to play around with Python tutorials. Heaven help me.

crafting: still need to finish that shirt... crochet class starts next week... there are some cross-stitch and embroidery ideas I want to get started on...want to make a few little gifts for v-day...lots of lovely, little things.

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L the D said...

I highly recommend the banya experience, although I'm sure the one in Seattle is much more upscale than the hole that I went to in St. Petersburg. It's an invigorating experience . . . just don't be put off by old naked ladies trying to beat you with birch branches!

I found your blog through Tomorrow is Another Day, and I love it!