Friday, January 25, 2008

If your picture is on your blog, it can happen to you!

I use my lunch break to catch up on my Google Reader and today finished the hour by reading a post by Angela over at her blog, Tomorrow is Another Day. As soon as I finished reading I went downstairs to the UPS Store to mail those potholders to my grandmother, when the girl in front of me in line looked strangely familiar...

I am no mystery writer, so obviously, you guessed was Angela! We "met" during NaBloPoMo in the twenty-somethings group, and even though we found out we both work in downtown Seattle and both avoid the hills because we always fall, I didn't realize she works in the SAME BUILDING!

Angela is such a sweetheart, online and offline. So glad to have met her! Things like this make the whole blogging thing even more worthwhile, just when I was feeling down about it!

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