Monday, January 14, 2008


Yesterday I sewed up a couple potholders from Simple Sewing to send to my grandmother. For Christmas I made my mom the ones from Stitches (need to gets pics of those), but they were quilted, involved lots of bias tape for binding and plain just took me a long time. The good news? I found out I never have to worry about learning quilting. Not interested. At all.

These potholders, on the other hand, were a breeze, so much so that I think I need to make her two more because I felt it was just too easy. In retrospect I wish I had not done any embroidery because my vision for it didn't exactly pan out, but I guess it's ok. Also, I didn't have any ribbon for the loops so I cut up a new, unused shoelace. Resourceful! Another trip to the fabric store avoided.

On another note, I am disappointed with the Insul-Brite, the insulated batting I sought out over a month ago especially for projects like these. It has a layer of aluminum (or something), which ruined my "self-repairing" cutting mat, which is not repairing those lines at all! Needless to say, I didn't use the Insul-Brite this go-round (it's too slippery to sew with anyway) and instead used two layers of the standard cotton batting. My mom said she hasn't burned herself yet, but consider this the warning!


Kelly said...

hmmmm...I am thinking I need some of these too. Mark me down for the camera cozy AND some pot holders. How else am I supposed to take my lean cuisines out of the microwave????

Just Between You and Me said...

Your potholders are perfection! As usual, I am very impressed! Plus, your little zipper case didn't look home-made in the least!