Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Nine things I want to do in February

1. Go see Atonement, even if I have to go solo.

2. Cook a nice, complete meal for myself, just because! Wine optional, but necessary.

3. Visit at least one art gallery.

4. Go to a comedy club.

5. Walk in snow (with snowshoes on, preferably!).

6. Do/buy one thing for the apartment, however small.

7. Try a new coffee or tea shop and for once, actually sit and read instead of bolting out the door.

8. Go on a photo walk.

9. Take one more roll of film with my Holga and finally get some developed!


klosekraft said...

That all sounds great!

Of course, I read the title of the post as "things I want to do on Friday," and was like, WOW.

Angela said...

Oh! I will go see Atonement with you if you want! I've wanted to go for ages, but I just can't talk Colby into it and no one else has shown any interest, harumph!

Darlin' T said...

I'm up for the movie, art gallery, snow adventure, and comedy club!

There are two gallery openings this weekend that look fun. :)