Monday, March 3, 2008

How weekends are supposed to go

Friday: T and I stocked up on lots of red wine and really, really bad movies to relax and escape the rain and cold. And relax we did! We stayed up laughing and having lots of conversation that can only be appreciated when both parties are drunk and trust each other--it can get embarrassing, but that is the best part!

Saturday: Spent the morning nursing my liver, then met up with Marissa in the afternoon to catch up and test out the coffee at the highly acclaimed Stickman Coffee in Fremont. The coffee was just ok, but as always, Marissa was a hoot. That girl can talk about anything from erotica authors to century+ old methods of storing root vegetables.

Saturday night, I fell in love...with a cocktail. T, Maia and I had a quick dinner and cocktail at the new and buzzworthy gastropub (Seattle's first!), Quinn's before catching a show. My friends are probably tired of hearing about it, but one their signature cocktails blew me away: The Dirty Little Secret. Bombay gin shaken with cucumber and served up with a cornichon (how did I not know about these delectable, tiny pickles?).

Sunday: Spent the morning drinking good coffee and reading the paper, then walked to the grocery store to stock up on wine, chocolate, and cheese for the week (my ultimate nutrition trifecta). The sun was streaming in through the windows, so spending my afternoon at the computer working on C# projects didn't feel like a chore at all. Finished the day drinking wine, nibbling on Manchego and watching a movie with SOS.

I don't think it gets better than that, folks!


Angela said...

That sounds like an absolutely amazing weekend!!

klosekraft said...

What a perfect weekend...

That cocktail sounds fantastic!

Maia said...

I was laughing to myself last night thinking about how I thought cornichons were tiny corns. Wine, chocolate and cheese sounds perfecto to me. 'Twas lovely to see you Saturday.