Thursday, March 13, 2008

merry happy

I have been overwhelmingly busy, but I can easily say that with every day that flies by, I am exponentially more happy. It's serious, ya'll. I can't sleep, think straight, or keep a grin off my face. It is seriously that good.

My plan for Sunday is to come back to earth for a few hours and catch up on life, the blog, and my sink full of dirty dishes (and I never keep dishes in the sink, so you have to realize this is major!).

Oh, and "merry happy" is a song by Kate Nash, and though the lyrics don't necessarily tell a happy story, I like the sentiment of the phrase. I am very merry happy.


Angela said...

Well, your post made me smile, so it must be contagious!!

L the D said...

Ashley, nice to know that your life is so cheerful right now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it stays that way for you!

Maia said...

Tell me your secret!

Just Between You and Me said...

well, i can honestly say this is a dream-come-true for me to hear! it's what i've always wished for you! i'm merry happy, too!