Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happenings: where did october go?

October just wasn't my month, so I am more than happy to bid adieu to the last thirty-one days and start fresh tomorrow. I wouldn't say anything particularly bad has happened, but the grey clouds that have so permanently settled over Seattle have done a number on my personal wellbeing as well. Also this last month, I buried the final memories of relationships past and reevaluated a current one, all in hopes to leave what is, is, and to refuse to carry around such heavy emotion (baggage, anyone?!?).

In lighter news:

Reading: The United States of Arugula. Absolutely loving this book. I think I must have a vast pocket in my brain made specifically to tuck away facts, history, and really anything else I can learn, about food.

Sewing: After a couch cushion trial, I want to take a break and sew some garments instead. I've picked a couple of patterns from BurdaStyle (free!), and I've prepared some yards of fabric to reattempt the shirt.

Dreaming: About an ex marrying a woman named Bolo (no idea), being trapped in a cafeteria lined with coolers of fried eggs and raw bacon, and being attacked by a salamander-esque snake that licked my face like a dog. I was tired when I woke up--so busy!

Growing Obsession: Mental_Floss and other trivia sources. I enjoy its lightheartedness, randomness, and occasional usefulness (...why no, I didn't know the link between dalmatians and fire stations!). I've bought two of their books and read their blog daily. No aspirations of winning free beer or bar tabs, but I am just a learning kind of girl.

Cooking: Loving shrimp lately. Quick half-hour marinade of olive oil, lemon zest and juice, dried oregano and crushed garlic, 4-minute broil, and dinner is served.

Activity: I have started a running jogging regimen based on the success of my sister, Kelly. I don't think I see any half marathons in my future (she's run several!), but it was a grand excuse to buy a new pair of running shoes and a svelte pair of black running tights. I'd wear them everyday if I could--so comfortable!

Looking forward to: I will be checking out SAM, reconnecting with an old friend over lobster, seeing Feist perform at the Paramount, and going to see the movie Lars and the Real Girl.

Goal: I type this heavily, as I hesitate to put such a concrete goal out there for looming Internet eyes to see, but I am going to do my best to write at least one post a day for the month of November. Notice I didn't say a good post, so keep that in mind! I'm not patting myself on the back, though--T is writing a novel!.

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Dan said...

Well, we finally were able to meet in October even if it was just for 20 minutes, so it couldn't have been all bad!