Wednesday, March 26, 2008


indulging: in lots, and I mean lots, of chocolate. The past couple of nights it's been the Oaxaca Bar by Vosges Haut Chocolat. This bar is a Tanzanian bittersweet chocolate (75% cacao) with pasilla chiles. I really want to try the Mo's Bacon Bar, but I'm limiting my sugars and the cacao content isn't high enough (74% or higher for me, please!).

indulging, part II: You know I can't stop at having just chocolate for dessert--of course not! That's why I've been pairing my chocolate selections with a petite pour of Les Clos de Paulilles Banyuls Rimage 2005, a French dessert wine and an affordable luxury at $20. I usually favor ports over other dessert wines, but the sweet, syrupy flavor of this is the perfect complement to my spicy chocolate.

drinking: Saumur 2006 (appelation saumur controlee). I've long grown tired of oaky whites, so I love the sparkling acidic punch of this wine. Plus, it just screams of green apples. We've gone through three bottles of this already! I will be buying it again and again, which I can guiltlessly do because it's only about $13!

watching: Finished Season 1 of The Tudors! I was surprised to find this is a show that men would enjoy as much, if not more, than women. Or on second thought...lots of fighting and lots of boobs is no mystery formula. Men don't need more than that, do they? Carry on!

reading: lots! I added a section in the sidebar with the books I'm currently reading. Right now, The Omnivore's Dilemma is a favorite. I never thought reading pages upon pages of the history of corn could be so fascinating, but apparently it is. Though history and culture of food is not exactly a new interest (first sparked by reading The United States of Arugula and Good Calories, Bad Calories), this is bound to be one of those life changing books for me.

eating: so many chicken wings! Starting an informal "Seattle Wing Tasting Tour" that I will eventually turn into a web page of sorts. Right now some experiences are casually reviewed over on Yelp, but I will start the real deal soon. It's such a hard job. :)

watching, part II: Helvetica. Even if you're not interested in typography or graphic design, celebrate the 50th anniversary of this font that is all around you (as you will discover) by watching this film. Here's a peek (I particularly love the interview in the second half of the clip):

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